Psychotronic exercise


Psychotronic Exercise

Sit down in a quiet place and turn on the music equipment, tape recorder, computer, etc.

The first thing you must do is begin to let yourself go with the melody. You must feel that you are, for instance, the piano or the violin, which is the soloist.

The first time you listen to it, you must do the exercise without programming anything. Just imagine and DREAM .

The second or third time, begin by imagining THE SITUATION YOU WISH THAT IT HAPPENS TO YOU.

You will notice that music begins by " introducing itself ". It is there when you have to imagine, for instance, the person you love and who is supposedly far away or away from you, in a scene you miss or wish it would take place.

Music will lead you to a peak moment where you have to feel in each pore that what you are programming IS REAL . That THE STRENGTH OF THE ENTIRE ORCHESTRA AND THE PERFORMER ARE A PART OF YOU , that everyone is giving you their energy and telling you that " YOU WILL ACHIEVE YOUR GOAL ".

This music IS . This peak moment reaches a very high subtle level. And you are going along with it. Alpha state is achieved not only when you are listening to soft, slow music ( YOU CAN BE IN ALPHA STATE without necessarily being almost asleep ); it is most likely that you will attain it when you are "at the top" of sound.

It is the moment when the first instrument and the orchestra join in communion, when the idea that has been announced reaches its climax.

As I already told you before, once you have made your programming (if possible in "novel form"), you will just have to listen to the piece of music.

Your mind will act by a reflex response, and you will be programming .

In order to program, YOU MUST MOTIVATE YOURSELF. And it is not - as stated by many people who are not aware of the meaning of sounds, rhythms, harmonies because they are not specialists at all in the matter - that only music "of the New Era" allows you to enter the alpha state, to program, do autohypnosis, relax, etc.

I have never seen an ignorant person as regards painting, criticize Michelangelo, Rembrandt, Dalí, Picasso, and say that their works are not valid for the New Era because they are old. Or criticize how a cathedral was built and let it fall, for the same reason.

However, it seems that music is so bastardized and invaded by real neophytes that do a little jumping and shouting and call themselves musicians, that it is referred to as "ancient music" not intended for "THE PEOPLE". These individuals also lecture on how music should be composed. And the reason for this is certainly ONE: they were never able to connect themselves to something so spiritually lofty . Therefore, their position is: I " DENY what I cannot do ", given their impossibility to do something really important that extends throughout both history and Time .

It is not necessary to kill the grandfather for the grandchild to live.

You may have a good time listening to today's bands, but then, at other times, you can use another kind of music in order to enrich yourself intellectually, spiritually .


Wrong ideas have been dispersed which, unfortunately, deprive many individuals of learning about the TRUE POWER OF CERTAIN PIECES OF MUSIC .

Try it, and you will see that as you work on THE POWER OF YOUR MIND , joining to the music, your wishes will come true . You will see that your mood changes and that you feel with more strength to be aware that YOU WILL MAKE IT .

And when you feel you lack optimism, self-confidence, pay attention to me: listen to the piece of work you have chosen for your programming.



*** 1) Concert Nº 2 by Franz Liszt (Piano)

*** 2) Concert N º 1 by Franz Liszt (Piano)

3) Concert N º 1 by Chopin (Piano)

4) Concert N º 1 by Grieg (Piano)

*** 5) Concert N º 2 by Rachmanninoff (Piano)

6) Concert N º 1 by Paganini (Violin)

7) Concert N º 1 of Max Bruch (Violin)

8) Gypsy airs by Sarasate

*** 9) Aranjuez de Rodrigo's Concert (Guitar)



Due to the poor acceptance of his symphony # 1, Rachmaninoff suffered from a depression which kept him away from composing for some time. He then decided to receive professional assistance from a Dr. Dahl, who practiced psychiatry and autosuggestion.

In those days, the composer had given up the idea of composing a Concert to be performed in London . Rachmaninoff writes:

"In all my visits to Dr Dahl, I listened to the same phrases: ´you will work on that Concert...composing will come very easily to you...the Concert will be a great piece of work'... always the same after day. And I began to compose. Ideas were more than enough. I dedicated the Piano Concert # 2 to him."

The première took place in Moscow with great success, on October 14, 1901 . Apart from being both a composer and a pianist, Rachmaninoff excelled as a conductor in several cities of Russia , Europe and the U.S.A.







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