Radionic works with human energy.

As it is considered that any element emits a subtle energy, which in radionic it was called “radiations”, a photograph, hair, nails, etc. can be used as these things have an intimate relation with the object to have an influence on and they also contain their owner’s radiation.

Thus, it is considered that every sound or shape emits waves, which in radionic they are called “Waves of Shape”.

These ones by being sent through radionic equipments or radionic machines, establish a communication through that transmitter.


So, it affects the individual or object as if it is present and at any distance.

In the case of a photograph, it is better to use one in black and white (and much better the negative) as the molecular and atomic composition of the silver emulsion of that negative, resound in the same frequency as the photographed object or person.
Excellent results have been seen, even with colour photographs.
Radionic is called Magic of the Waves.

We are not going further in technical terms, about the way the transmission by radionic is produced. What we are going to assure is that its scope is very powerful and it is very useful in order to help the others or us.
Like we have said, this one is the Energy of the Shapes. And its beginning, we can say, has been in the pyramids.
The number of experiences which has been obtained with the power of radionic is indeterminate.
The issue I have worked the most is the one of the distant influence, with which amazing results have been seen.

You can experiment the change of attitude towards you of a person. And you can see it through radionic home-made elements, or with equipments assembled by professionals of all the world.

The system has a real efficacy of 95% of solved cases.

Couples that have reunited, negative people who have gone away, people little communicative who have changed their attitude, etc.

Radionic can be called The Modern Magic. But it has an explanation that is not magical, despite results which appear to be so.

It is a very serious issue, which you can learn and with it help people who need it. And use it for yourself.

Although the equipments amplify the energy you send and they are very useful, the advantage of radionic is that you yourself can construct equipments which are not expensive and with simple elements.

Radionic is used instead of what was before consecrated with candles, flowers, etc. And the elements which were used for works of magic.

- Radionic is based on different “laws”, as it considers that every element, emits what is called “waves of shapes”.

- These waves of shape are transmitted from one element to the other, “inserting themselves” inside it, communicating their species.

- Thus, for instance, a purified by an appropriate colour water changes its taste, noticing it lighter, like “metalized”.

- For instance, very big results are seen in behaviour problems.

- Do not confuse believing that the personality can be changed, as it is “printed” when the person is born and is with us for ever.

- But attitudes can be modified.

- Never take the place that does not belong to you, for instance the one of a doctor, a psychology.

- We can collaborate with them, as we do when we pray for the health of somebody

- It can never be accepted a person who goes to a radionic operator for medicine instead of going to see a doctor.

- Although there are some doctors who include it as alternative medicine.

- This technique was discovered by the American doctor, Dr. Albert Abrams by the end of 19th century.

- It can be considered that with radionic we go through the frontiers that divide physics from the so-called metaphysics. In other words, in the very limit in which the conventional science, official or orthodox, stops, putting a stop to its progress, living its place to non-accepted, non-conventional science.

- Radionic works covering a field which was translated and condensed in determined and varied devices, which act in an incomprehensible way, at short as well as long distance.

- And as it is linked to mental field, their scopes are unlimited, there is neither distance, nor time, nor density.


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