The Radionics works with the human energy it thinks also that any element emits radiations.

This way, one can use a photography, since it has an intimate relation with the photographed object. If we bear in mind that any sound or form, it emits waves, calls “Ondas of Form ”, these, on having been sent by a corrector, they establish a communication radiónica, across a transmitter. Or, that concern the individual or object, as if it was present, and any distance.

It is better, a photo uses white and black color (And much better, the negative), because the atomic and molecular composition of the emulsion of silver of a negative, it resounds in the same frequency that the object, or photographed person.

For our experience, we must clarify that they have given themselves excellent results, even with photographies color. Saliva can be used likewise, hair, blood, etc. Since also they contain the radiation of his owners.

The RADIONICS is the Magic of the Waves.

We are not going to spread, in technical terms, on the form that produces the transmission to itself for Radiónica.

What we are going to assure is that it has the most powerful scope, and is many usefulness(utility) to help and to help ourselves.

Since we have said, this one is The Energy of the Forms.

And, his beginning, it can be said, that it has been in the pyramids.

There is incalculable the quantity of experiences that have been had by the power of the radionic.

The topic that more I have worked, is that of the influence distantly, with what they give themselves amazing results.

You can experience the change of attitude of a person towards you. And you can see it, across elements radiónicos domestic, or with equipments that there assemble professionals of the whole world.

The system is of a real efficiency of 95 % of resolved cases.

Couples who have returned to join, negative persons who moved away, you present slightly communicative that changed his attitude, etc.

It is possible to call him to the Radionic, the modern Magic. But it has an explanation that is not magic, in spite of the results, which yes it seem.

It is a very serious topic, that it you can learn, and with, help persons to need it. And to use it in you itself.

Former, they were devoting themselves with candles, flowers, etc. And the elements that would be used, for the works of Magic,
– The Radionics, it is based on different "laws", because he considers that any element, it emits what are called " waves of form "
– These waves of form, they are transmitted from an element to other one, " being inserted " inside him, communicating his species.
– This way, for example a water purified by an appropriate color, placed inside a decagon, changes his taste, being obvious more frivolous, like "metallized".
– If we put a projector with an inscription towards a photo, this one receives the " wave of form " of the inscription, and the person "absorbs" in unconscious form the order(request), and changes attitudes.


–For example. They give themselves very big results in problems of conduct.
– it is not necessary to confuse, believing that one to person can change his personality, since this one "is" "stamped(printed)", on having been born and accompanies us for the whole life.
– But yes, attitudes can be modified.
– it is never necessary to take the place of the one who does not correspond(fit), since(as,like) for example, a doctor, a psychologist.

Yes it is possible to collaborate with them, as we pray in order that someone improves his health.
–Never it must be accepted that some person comes to an radionic operator , in search of medicine, instead of a doctor is going to see.Though, yes, there are professionals who include it as alternative medicine.

– This technology(skill), it was discovered by the North American doctor, Dr. Albert Abrams, at the end of the 19th century.
– it is possible to consider, that with the radiónica, we travel the borders that they divide to the physics, of the metaphysics called. Or in the limit itself, in which the conventional, official, or orthodox science, it stops(detains), stopping his progress, stopping in his place to the not accepted Sciences, to the not conventional ones.
– The radionic, works including a field, which was translated and condensed in certain and varied devices, which act in incomprehensible form, both to felling and to long distance.
– And since(as,like) it is tied to the mental field, his scopes are unlimited, there is neither distance, nor time, nor density




On the East Coast of the United States, one of Upton’s Princeton classmates, Howard Armstrong, ( who had become an industrial chemist), with many inventions of his own, decided to try his friend’s method, in Pennsylvania. After taking an aerial photograph of a cornfield, under attack by Japanese Beetles, he cut one corner off the photo, with a pair of scissors, and laid the remainder together with a small amount of Rotenone, a beetle poison. It is extracted from the roots, of a woody Asian vine, which the Japanese call "Roten", on the collector plate, of one of Upton’s radionic devices.


After several five-to-ten minute treatments, with the machine’s dials set to specific readings, a meticulous count of beetles, revealed that 80-90% of them had died or disappeared from the corn plants treated through the photo.


 The untreated plants, in the corner cut away from the photo, remained 100% infested!

Upton, Knuth, and Armstrong combined their talents, and the first letters of their names, to form UKACO, Inc. The new company’s goal was to relieve the farmers of unwanted pests, by the new method. As scientifically inexplicable, as it was simple, and inexpensive. The company received the backing of General Henry M. Gross, (head of the Selective Service Board, of the state of Pennsylvania).


In the West, Upton and Knuth, contracted with 44 artichoke growers, to treat their crop against plume moths. The contracts were written on the basis of "no control-no pay". All the growers paid the service charge of one dollar an acre, a tiny fraction of the costs of spraying insecticides!










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