The sign people of Virgo and love


The best environment in which Virgo expresses love is material. As a sign of land, stability and security are his workhorses. Just as this sign hardly surprise your partner with a bouquet of roses or a candlelit dinner, it is also true that you can surprise her by informing her that you will enjoy an exceptional vacation because she has managed to save the amount of money she had proposed. for that end.

In this sense, Virgo is an excellent companion of life that will not allow to miss anything to its orange average. Due to their personality characteristics, the relationship may fall into constant routines.

Too much "mind" for pleasure, too much analysis for fluency.

Virgo is a constant cataract of thoughts, and this intrudes in your affective life.

Virgo will be an excellent companion for anyone who meets the following qualities: order, neatness, measure, tolerance, patience, emotional stability. Virgo is in love Same as in his life: critical, detailed, intolerant, analytical, orderly, neat and stable.

No person who is emotionally unstable can support a Virgo when all the mentioned qualities of this sign point directly to it. Hardly a Virgo to fall in love with a person who shows a messy or unclean home, and in the case of falling in love, Virgo will not let these situations pass and will let them know in advance and wait a prudential time for their partner to reverse the situation. But in all that time, recriminations and complaints will be the order of the day; therefore, whoever falls in love with a Virgo, must have supreme patience and tolerance, and avoid falling constantly into endless discussions and without victory, because Virgo, as he himself expresses it, is never wrong.

All signs of earth, attached to the safe, have a tendency to "immobility."

The Virgo couple should take care to move the threads a little if the relationship will not decay, but any change should be made gradually and through a frank and intelligent dialogue with Virgo, where the logical need to produce a transformation is demonstrated. .

In sexuality, although not prone to outbursts, you can leave your rigid and measured personality aside a bit so that you can indulge in sex in a deeper and more pleasant way. Through sex, Virgo can loosen their daily tensions and open up to a world in which sensations allow thoughts to succumb.


Compatibility and incompatibility


An almost impossible relationship, because both will try to control the partner. They are meticulous and detailed, so they will criticize each other's actions in order to impose themselves on the relationship. No one has the ability to let themselves flow as to limit the rigid mental sphere that governs them. Very difficult.



It is hard but not impossible. They should try to reconcile positions so the relationship can come to fruition. Virgo must stop being so critical and Libra must try to put a stop to the seduction with which he handles his life, because Virgo is ultra-faithful and will not tolerate the relationship transiting an inadequate lane.



They can become a good relationship. Scorpio will feel satisfied with his beloved Virgo, since he will recognize his successes and will not be as critical as with other signs. Virgo, thanks to his brilliant ability to analyze, will know how to handle in an appropriate way the moments of explosion and jealousy in which Scorpio usually falls.


An almost impossible relationship. They are diametrically opposed beings that can hardly get along. Virgo will not tolerate living with a volatile, changing, unstable and irresponsible being. Sagittarius will flee quickly.


They formed an excellent relationship. Just be careful not to fall into extreme suffocating reconcentration. Both of them find it difficult to move and enjoy life. They should help each other in these aspects. The rest, wind in stern.



It's a relationship that can work, but after a lot of work. Virgo is too demanding for Aquarius: it restricts his freedom. Aquarius is too unstable and irresponsible for Virgo: it exacerbates its qualities of organization and control. A lot of patience and dedication.


For the relationship to work. Virgo must learn to master his ability to criticize. Pisces has an affectivity that can not bear to be marked by mistakes. In this sense, Pisces tends to retreat into his fantasy world, and in that case, Virgo is marginalized from the relationship.