The sign people of pisces and love


He expresses love in a measured way, but sure and forceful, and will have all his energy to get the beloved person to stay with him.
In sexuality, will make use and abuse of the slowness, in pursuit of satisfaction. Taurus likes to enjoy calm sexuality,

surrendering to give and receive massages, caresses,

kisses and every action tending to wake up, gently,

until the last pore of the skin.

However, a Taurus partner must ensure that sexuality does not become routine

and exert a slight pressure to introduce changes

to add a pinch of pepper to the relationship.

But any change should be gradual so that Taurus does not feel that he has lost control.

Patiently, calmly, step by step ... that's Taurus in life and in love.

His sensuality and romanticism will be marked by the slow times, but sure, so that you can never expect Taurus, right away,

passionately surrender to a loving relationship.

However, its slowness is not to the detriment of the depth with which love can feel. But neither should Tauro be expected to feel close ties with unstable or uncompromising ties; he can, like any other sign, have moments of passing relationships in his life, but in his essence, he always finds himself expecting to find the love of his life and to form a stable and lasting home.

Due to these characteristics of his personality, occasional relationships are only a palliative until the encounter with the desired person.


And there if ... Taurus will show its greatest arts of seduction, which has at its disposal: romanticism, generosity, fellowship, conquest, which will aim to establish solid foundations and "eternal".
Taurus develops better in the material plane, that's why the gifts to your partner will constitute daily situations.



Compatibility and incompatibility


It is a relationship that can work through good lanes, as long as the members keep in mind that none is conducive to action. Therefore, the risk in this relationship is that they accommodate themselves so much "inside the home" they end up disconnected from social life and even get bored with the exaggerated routine. Movement is what this relationship will need.


It is a difficult relationship in terms of understanding the basic needs of each one. They have very different natures.

Gemini is expansion, movement, inconstancy and infidelity. Taurus is the opposite.

They will clash repeatedly, but if love really is what unites them, they will be able to smooth things out and build a relationship with a certain stability.

It can turn out to be an excellent relationship, because each one will give the other a valuable support. Taurus will be in charge of providing material support to Cancer, while Cancer will help him affectively and impel him to continue working after the home.


It will be a difficult relationship to carry out. Their natures are opposite, however, they can be complemented if they give time and space to the relationship. It will be difficult for them to understand Leo's social need, Taurus introspection, Leo's command voice and Taurus's routine accommodation.


An excellent relationship with enormous possibilities of becoming stable and solid. They are two signs of earth that share a lot of qualities. They have similar tastes, they both love home, plan projects, refocus, cultivate their minds, analyze expenses and household requirements, etc. That is, you should be careful with the routine.


It is not a very advisable relationship because both members will feel destabilized by the different qualities they possess. Taurus is firm, solid, secure land; Libra is change, movement, constant doubt. Where Taurus needs a certainty, there Libra will be contributing a doubt. Equally, it is worth trying if love is present.


As for the passion to sensuality and eroticism, they will take away wonders. But in the field of everyday life, situations can vary the course of a relationship. Scorpio is too controlling and Tauro will not support the affective controls that his partner will surely give him. For this relationship to work, Scorpio must respect Taurus as it is.


Difficult, difficult and more difficult. They are very different in their needs. Perhaps in the maturity of their lives, they may come to understand each other. But in the time of youth, Taurus and Sagittarius will not find how to take the relationship forward and, at the same time. to be comfortable with the other and with their own lives. It is impossible for Sagittarius to understand Tauro's motto: "Slow but sure".


Two earth signs that complement each other in an excellent way. They will enjoy the relationship very much because they will do it the way they like it: walking step by step, planning each movement, perfecting what has already been studied, rejoicing with a movie at home, and reaching the top triumphant. They have everything in favor to build a stable relationship.


It is a relationship that can bear fruit with hard work and huge doses of patience. Their natures clash in regard to the freedom and independence of Aquarius, as opposed to the reconcentration of Taurus to the home and the relationship. But if each one yields a little, they can come to understand that there are times when both of them need to be alone, without implying ceasing to love the partner.


It is a relationship that will be difficult to build. For this to happen, both members must put a lot of themselves in order to understand the different natures. Taurus is primarily a material being, and there he puts the focus on his life. Pisces, on the other hand, is a spiritual being that, although it requires the material, does not give it sufficient transcendence. If they learn to complement each other, they will both feel safe and protected.