How are the people of the sign of SCORPIO in love


Tireless fighter who will not give up until achieving his goal. Scorpio has in its interior the art of love and lets it flow at will to ensure the love of their desired person.

That intuitive capacity of Scorpio guarantees that his love will hardly escape him, but ... that loved one must know then: after so much waste of seduction and passion, there will come moments in which Scorpio will let out his bad temper.


Then, jealousy will be at the order of the day, and so it is that when I have to repress them for having already shown them too much, they will have a companion by their side who will choose to be indifferent and not very communicative.

In love, Scorpio needs to maintain control, for which he will be "watching" how this relationship goes and in which situation his partner is.

Scorpio is the passion without limits put at the service of the relationship.

But that passion is not unconditional, but is accompanied

of other qualities not so rejoicing or desired:

control, jealousy, possession and hatching.

When you want to conquer a person, Scorpio is extremely seductive.

His innate ability to grasp the depth of situations helps him to know how to handle himself and which weapon to use in accordance with that personality of whoever is the object of his love.


There are two kinds of Scorpio: one, people possessing a nobler, higher life, with outstanding ethical principles; another, which have not risen too much in their virtues, and tend to be more possessive, jealous and intolerant people. It depends on which Scorpio class it is, it will be the kind of attitude you take in the bad moments.

The highest Scorpio unites its virtues with intuition, and then usually resolves conflicts in a more wise way.

On the other hand, the less evolved Scorpio, usually gives free rein to their anger, claims and bad mood. This is much more difficult to deal with for a couple because that possibility of dialogue is almost non-existent.


On the other hand, Scorpio is a faithful being who has all his energy to achieve a stable and lasting relationship with that person he loves.
In sexuality, it is one of the most passionate, sensual, erotic and
fiery of all signs.

Sex, if it is daily and with repechaje. better.

But, this must be everyday.


Compatibilities and incompatibilities


It will require a daily work. Both are explosive, jealous and controlling, qualities that should learn to enlighten so as not to throw away their relationship. The sexual plane will be perfectly understood and they will maintain a passionate but overly fiery relationship.


It is a relationship to enjoy to the fullest in the beginning: adventures, sensuality, passion and fun. But if the members want to settle the union, they will have to go step by step to solve the conflicts resulting from the possessiveness and jealousy of Scorpio, which will clash with the need for freedom and expansion of Sagittarius.
This relationship can be consolidated.


With the depth through which Capricorn analyzes situations, they will spend great moments uncovering their own unknowns and the outside world. They should take care of that structured nature of their natures do not end up drowning them in an exaggerated confinement.


An excellent relationship in which both members will feel understood and affectively contained.

Both Pisces and Scorpio give priority to the sentimental and spiritual aspects of their lives, in which they understand each other perfectly. The mantle of sweetness of Pisces will attenuate the explosive impulse of Scorpio.