The sign people of pisces and love


Sagittarius will not find it easy to understand that he must put aside his adventurous spirit and, even less, that in order to let it flow he must plan an infinity of situations.

Because Sagittarius is a standard bearer of freedom and does not tolerate that anything goes against his way of feeling that freedom that is, mostly, freedom of movement.

It is not because he is selfish that he becomes obfuscated when he must lose part of his freedom: his way of living is like that of a bird that takes flight when it feels that need.

Therefore, in regards to love, it is difficult for Sagittarius to maintain committed relationships until well into adulthood.
You will need to experience freedom to the full, and that can not be achieved by being two

Sagittarius is an adventurer born in his life and, also, in love. Even, it is hard to understand that a part of what is called "love" refers to the love of a couple, to intimate love between two people, to love that is shared only by two.

Because Sagittarius loves everything equally and confuses the social with the friendship, this with the love of a couple, this one with the love of adventure, this with love of oneself, etc. Does not discriminate: Sagittarius feels and is impelled without loss of time to obtain what "feels". Being that way, the love of a couple is a problem for your life, and for your partner.

It is difficult for Sagittarius to form a home when for him to take a suitcase and go out on the adventure is a more than common and frequent situation.
"Why should I stay without a week's trip, when they invited me and I have everything paid?" Asks Sagittarius to his partner.

An interminable discussion is triggered when the couple tries to make him understand that they had different commitments for that date, or that then they will not be able to go out together on vacation because he took one of the weeks, or remind him that they have children to be cared for, or simply the fact that you prefer to travel together at another time, etc.

Therefore, Sagittarius can love a person very much, but when those moments occur, he confuses love with friendship or with family or social relationships, relationships with those who do not have any inconvenience to move at will. So, treat the love of a couple as that of friendship, and the short is imminent.


In adulthood, they are more prepared to assume commitments.
In sexuality, Sagittarius transfers its essence of adventure and makes the bed of love an excellent place to experience enjoyment and passion.

Throughout his life, he usually maintains a diversity of relationships with occasional lovers that do not involve commitments or responsibilities. He is fiery, creative, fun and open to experiences that give him full sexual gratification.


Compatibility and incompatibility


Excellent relationship to enjoy, but who will take care of the responsibilities? Travel, adventure, constant movement, fun and expansion are aspects that will characterize this union. If the members learn to complement each other in the fulfillment of their obligations and in the maintenance of the household order, they will have a relationship so as not to lose.


At the beginning of the relationship, Capricorn will be fascinated with Sagittarius due to the free, cheerful and uncompromising way in which he leads his life. For its part, Sagittarius will find in Capricorn adequate support in terms of material and daily planning. However, it will require great effort to maintain a more stable relationship without beginning to reproach their differences.

Freedom, independence, the need for social contact and new friends are aspects that both members share as basic needs. HE
they will feel understood even in their differences and will manage to maintain a lasting and stable union.



They will complement each other and form a
committed and pleasant relationship. Pisces must learn not to sue too much Sagittarius in relation to constant demonstrations of love. Sagittarius will have to learn to give priority to the needs of their partner, so that Pisces does not become distressed. For the rest, a relationship with good forecast.