The sign people of pisces and love


Love is crossed by these innate characteristics, and so on. Faced with the setbacks that love could cause, and before suffering can be installed, Pisces will choose to live more in their own fantasy than in a real world.

When Pisces turns to that fantasy, stop paying attention to the outside world and, being part of it, your partner. For this, it is very difficult to deal with a love which before a first conflict disappears affectively and intellectually, leaving only there an indifferent being that does not emit an answer.

Pisces is a sign that possesses an excessive quota of sensitivity, and although this one brings it closer to love, any disturbance that you feel with respect to it will cause this sign to submerge in your inner world for long periods.

Pisces wants love, but his feeling of vulnerability protects his life so he acts as a strong obstacle in that hour of facing a committed relationship. This sign is one of the wisest of the Zodiac, it concentrates on its
inside the knowledge that the eleven previous signs have given him.

The counterpart of this invaluable knowledge is that it knows so much that it warns both the profoundly positive and the negative equally, and the latter makes it suffer. To protect himself he locks himself in his fantasy world, in which things work as he would like.

For this reason, Pisces takes a long time to find a love relationship who can understand their states of vulnerability and excessive sensitivity.

Pisces can not be held responsible for conflicts as any couple would sue; sometimes, it can not even prevent them, therefore that Pisces pair must be a person who, among its qualities, possesses that of containing his love and granting him the security needed by him.


Once this situation is balanced, Pisces will let flow with greater spontaneity all that love which is capable of giving, full of sweetness and warmth.

As for sexuality, Pisces will be a waste of romanticism, seduction and caresses. It will constantly try to satisfy your partner and will lead to the ways that are considered necessary with which your partner enjoys fully.

You may not express your satisfaction with words, but you will use your whole body to communicate to your partner that way you enjoy that encounter.


Compatibility and incompatibility


They will be magically understood in the sentimental
mental. Demonstrations of affection will be currency
current between both.

However, conflicts may arise from their need for protection as each one expects the other, therefore, some must take on a role of greater responsibility in terms of confronting economic obligations and material security.