The sign people of libra and love


Begin to analyze, with your great mental capacity, the pros and cons. And while you remain seductive and gallant with the person of your interest, you will follow and continue and will continue to analyze the pros and cons! If the person that Libra wants to conquer for a stable relationship, still remains close to Libra, it is possible that at some point this doubtful sign will reach a positive conclusion and encourage them to face an appointment.

But many times, that person who is waiting and who has not reached more than limited seductions, thinks that Libra has no real interest and ... leaves.

Libra is an extraordinarily seductive and an outstanding romantic, but in no way these qualities so perceptible in him leave aside a great capacity that also possesses: the mental.

This sign will have innumerable and varied relationships in your life, in which you can unleash your ease of conquest, but ... when the person you were looking for comes into your life,

the conquest will no longer be so easy and, even less, take the fundamental step to be with that person and to know her. It will be seductive, yes; unfold its romanticism and its charisma, yes; but it will take too much time to really let the person know about your interest, which is just interesting.

Libra lives doing balance analysis to find the balance: at work, in business, in her family and, of course, in love.

On a saucer, he will put all the pros; in the other, the cons.

Frequently, similar situations occur in Libra in love.
His personality does not allow him to decide quickly: first he has to evaluate and analyze the situation; Then he will take the first step. And it will not be otherwise, so this feature must be taken into account when wishing to start a relationship with this sign.


Another quality of Libra is aesthetics, which occupies the foreground in your choices.
As well as Choose the best clothing, so also Choose who will accompany you on your way through life: with outstanding beauty and aesthetics exquisiteness in all its aspects.
In sexuality, lets flow all the passion that is capable of feeling, is creative, original and extremely seductive to provide and to get pleasure
Look for harmony in the contact of bodies and enjoy the aesthetic perfection of the moment.


Compatibility and incompatibility


It is an excellent relationship if they manage to complement each other, that is, give each one enough so that the link is possible. But if they do not succeed, the most certain thing is that they end up competing with each other, in order to prove who is the smart and clever.


This relationship can be good and stable. Scorpio must attenuate its explosions derived from jealousy and possessions. Scorpio can assure Libra a greater share of security in life, a fee that Libra lacks, since it lives in doubt and in search of a better balance.


The two will help each other if they can understand each other in their different natures. Libra will contribute to a
Sagittarius a little calm.

Sagittarius will give Libra a greater mobility quota so that it is encouraged to face the projects with
Nuyor quickly. Together they can work very well.


Both signs are understood as marvels as far as the intellectual plane is concerned. Here they will complement each other very well and they will be great companions. The problem may arise

when Capricorn does not tolerate the pound life swings. that constantly doubts about

the actions to be undertaken.


They will build a good relationship because they will understand their basic needs. Both will have the opportunity to sit down to dialogue to smooth the asperities. Libra will have fun

with the occurrences of Aquarius, and he will be relieved by the sweetness of his partner.


It is a relationship that will be difficult to specify. Pisces is too affective and sensitive for the analytical skills that Libra possesses. Libra is very seductive, but this quality will not reach

for the need for emotional security that Piscis needs. In addition, the constant doubts of

Libra will make Pisces feel increasingly insecure.