The sign people of Leo and love


Every couple of Leo must know that despising their gifts to this sign can lead to the breakdown of the relationship.

And unless after the hatching comes a deep apology from the aggressor, I hardly read from the arm to twist.

Leo is able to express a deep love to his partner, but as long as he lets him occupy the first place and it is he who chooses the path that the relationship should follow.
Although he is extremely generous and supportive, and much more with the couple he has chosen, he will need it to constantly adulate him a little: "I love you", "I do not know what I would do without you", "you are always there when I need you", "you have brilliant ideas "," I need you to advise me "," you are the most beautiful and distinguished being "are ideal phrases to earn the eternal love of Leo.

The love links of Leo do not usually keep a directly proportional relationship between both members, because, although Leo would offer yesi ninety percent of his love, save ten percent.

One might think that it is okay for Leo or any other sign to act in such a way as to protect a percentage for himself.

And maybe it would be like that, unless we're talking about Leo, because while he is protecting himself, he asks the other party to give up the totality of his love.

Leo is the king of the zodiac, and that should never be lost sight of because this sign will also be the king in love.

Leo, as a good sign of fire, has great strength and determination. An angry lion should not be taken lightly. And anger can come from his mistreated pride.

Jealous, possessive, ostentatious, grandiloquent and controlling are Leo's own qualities, also, the sphere of love.

Nothing worse for a Leo than to form a couple with someone who is opaque or lackluster: he is a king who needs a queen at his side, and nothing less than that.

In sexuality, Leo is passionate, romantic, original, with great strength in the sexual game and with the need to show (and be seen) in its greatest splendor.


He needs to be in charge in the relationship, but he also needs to be caressed, pampered, stimulated and shown how much they need and rejoice


Compatibilities and incompatibilities


The only way that two Leo can get to build a solid and stable relationship is that one of them is a little less Leo than the other. If one is willing to give up the first place in the relationship, then they will be understood wonderfully. If not, they would crash constantly and try to overcome each other, instead of complementing each other in love.


It is a relationship that implies a huge work on the part of its members. Virgo is excessively perfectionist and critical, and Leo will not be very willing to let his partner point out the mistakes he has made.

On the other hand, Leo needs constant adulation, and that quality is not in the sphere of Virgo. Knowing yourself deeply and giving up a few centimeters is what it takes to get to fruition.


It is a very good relationship, since both members will provide what they need to find balance in the union. Leo will live flattered by Libra,

who is a teacher in these arts of seduction. For its part, Libra will have a reliable reference in terms of certainty in decision-making. A relationship not to waste.


Very but very difficult that Leo and Scorpio can reconcile in a loving relationship. Maybe, in an occasional link, but when it comes to stability, that union is no longer so successful. In order for Leo to complement Scorpio, he must leave aside his most outstanding features: voice of command, decision, independence, control. Scorpio will never let those qualities be in his partner's field.

They will get along very well in everything related to fun and social relations. The problem may arise when Leo recriminates Sagittarius for his instability to face life, his constant changes in different directions and without planning, his demand for endless adventures. Sagittarius tends to flee in front of the claims, so they should sit down to talk so as not to waste a good opportunity.

The selfishness of each one will be shown
and party in this relationship. The two wish to have control
exhaustive of everything that surrounds them, both want to be the
center in the relationship, the two should know what are the best ways to address the various issues. Anyway. the two will only take care to dispute the power of the relationship.

A relation difficult to carry out if it is that Aquarius does not learn, of entrance, to handle to Leo as for the flattery. Aquarius is not prone to this type of strategy; He is interested in creating and inventing, and not in wasting his time assuring his partner that he is the best in the universe. Hardly Leo accept the affective indifference of Aquarius.

An excellent relationship to not waste.
- "They will have to work on the points that appear as conflicting, but they have everything to obtain what each one needs, Leo has an overwhelming strength and will give Pisces the security and protection that he needs. praise, mimes and thanks.