How are the people of the sign of SCORPIO in love


Some of his criticisms relate to his own ambition and his perfectionist qualities:

Nobody is within reach of their expectations, no one can accompany him in love if he does not comply with the exaggerated conditions of perfectionism of all kinds that Capricorn intends.

However, this does not mean that Capricorn does not try to find love; It does so, but in a way that is so cold and calculating that it ends up scaring (or depressing) the person who wanted to conquer.

Characteristics of the sign

The most difficult goal to fulfill for Capricorn, and the one that takes most of his life, is to surrender to love.

This sign possesses an inexhaustible mental capacity, which is also increased by the need for control, ambition, the need for resounding success, the desire to occupy the first place in everything, objectivity, perfectionism, possessiveness, indifference and the coldness It is difficult for Capricorn to locate its innate characteristics

in a place that does not hinder love.

In general he does not succeed until he reaches adulthood, well established.

These characteristics make Capricorn, instead of loving, get caught in the analysis of love.

Instead of finding a person to love, Capricorn ends up finding a person to criticize constantly.


Basically, his seduction mode is related to his mental sphere. Capricorn will initiate frequent and extended conversations of conquest in which he will try, all the time, to discover the mental ability of his possible partner. Of course, before sitting at the table to maintain the seductive dialogue, Capricorn will have already drawn a few conclusions about the way of dressing, walking, sitting, standing or not standing in the column, the way to cross the legs or to support the arms on the table, the type of perfume that uses or if it does not use, etc. Nothing escapes Capricorn.

If the person he wants to conquer passes the test of the conversation, it is not yet to chant victory: he will have to bear, thereafter, the millions of rectifications that Capricorn will make with respect to his person, his dress, his way of sitting , its perfume, etc.

Patience and a lot of tolerance to those who want to have Capricorn as the love of their life.


Materially he will not lack anything, but affectively he will have to work hard to achieve. It is that the love of that sign begins to flow with greater spontaneity.
In sexuality, Capricorn acts much like he does in love: perfectionist, scrupulous, controlling, and above all, mental.

Through time and maintaining a relationship in which he feels safe and protected, he manages to let his desires flow and he manages to have more pleasant sexual relations. Delivering to feel and stop thinking is the key to this sign.


Compatibilities and incompatibilities


Two beings of earth that understand each other perfectly. The dangers in which they can fall are wanting to compete for the first place in the couple, forming a relationship too structured, be overly critical of each other in the pursuit of perfectionism and demonstrate excessive stubbornness.



They will be fascinated in the beginning, but they will hardly reach a good port in this relationship.

Capricorn and Aquarius are too different in their natures and will face each time one

the other demands a way of being that is not his own. If there is a lot of love ..., maybe they will achieve it.


Capricorn will offer an extraordinary world to Pisces because, from the beginning, it will take care of

solve all problems, anticipate possible conflicts and support the home. Pisces will feel

who found the love of his life and will tell him pampering and continuous caresses. But Pisces must learn

to tolerate the frequent moments of affective coldness with which your partner handles.