Cancer and Love


However, Cancer, like a good crab, before reaching the goal will walk backwards and to the sides, and only when you feel safe will you be able to go forward.

Cancer does not care about occasional relationships, because they are too insecure and unstable for them to support them in a good way.

He needs a relationship of great understanding and tolerance on the part of the beloved person, who can understand his emotional variability (who owns it and willingly) and his need to assiduously confirm how much they love him.

How are the people of the sign of cancer in love

The lack of protection and insecurity that mark the life of Cancer will also be transferred to the field of love. And in this field is where these qualities will be more evident, since he will constantly ask his soulmate to ratify and guarantee his love.

This will result in a series of obstacles that will be visible through demands, complaints, reproaches, demands, that not every couple of Cancer will be willing to endure.
To understand how Cancer experiences love, it is necessary to know that his personality is based on the feeling of constant lack of protection.
And just as in his life he needs an exaggerated time to get to action, so too in love will a relationship go by, but without encouraging himself to take the initiative until he perceives that he has all the necessary guarantees to venture. Not always people who are interested in Cancer understand their way of acting, so, far from believing that they have an interest, they think that Cancer does not feel attracted, because "would not he do something about it if he liked it?"


As for its emotional variability, Cancer is ruled by the Moon and, like this satellite, its personality has different phases.
However, in Cancer, the phase change can happen from one moment to another.

Cancer goes from being happy to being in a bad mood in the term of minutes. These abrupt phases are evident, too, in their way of relating in love.

In sexuality, he is sensitive, kind, affectionate and creative, but only
When he feels sure of his partner's love, he manages to let these qualities flow freely.

When you feel insecure, sex is expressed in a measured and controlled way, preventing you from opening up to passionate surrender and
search for different ways of loving.


Compatibilities and incompatibilities


Who will contain whom? This is the big question. Both are very insecure beings that require, at their side, a person who can offer them a framework of protection and security. But being the two Cancer, each one will ask the other to fulfill that role and the conflict will be inevitable. They will not lack pampering, they will not be able to leave aside the reality that worries them. It is a difficult relationship, but not impossible.



It is a bad forecast relationship. Cancer is too heavy a weight for Leo. At first Leo will be happy to have a partner who will demand love and protection. But as soon as Cancer begins to stop him and reproach him for not being home anymore, Leo will want to end the relationship as quickly as possible.



If both members manage to create spaces for
that the relationship does not fall into an oppressive routine, this
Union can become really great.

Virgo share much of their needs: they will seek affection, help each other in difficult moments, feel protected, be filled with hugs and pampering. Virgo is the one who must take care not to fall into constant criticism.

They can get to form a good relationship as long as both members are willing to open their hearts. Both tend to close themselves and hide their true affections. It is necessary that they learn to maintain a sincere dialogue on the topics of love so that they can be complemented. Otherwise, they will only get farther and farther away.



If Cancer is able to let Scorpio take the reins of the relationship, together they will be a more than satisfactory union. Cancer should not worry about your safety: Scorpio will be there to give you everything you need. At the same time. Cancer will provide your partner inexhaustible quotas of love and pleasure. Scorpio, in the face of this, will reduce its share of aggression.


It is not a recommended relationship, especially for Cancer: it will live in the most insecure way possible. Sagittarius is not a sign that is capable of assuring a companion constant well-being in the affective and in the material.

Quite the contrary: instability, and even irresponsibility, often mark the
course of his life. It can be tried, but Cancer must learn to be more independent.


This relationship can be excellent. Capricorn has a lot to offer Cancer in terms of safety and material well-being. For his part, Cancer will teach Capricorn that life goes beyond the work and mental: Cancer will help you enjoy as Capricorn never before imagined. There are no real problems in this relationship.


It is not a very viable relationship. The free and independent nature of Aquarius will not tolerate the constant demands of love that Cancer will make you. Neither Aquarius will be able to reassure your partner, providing a safe and protected home. The explosions of Cancer will be noticed immediately. Aquarius will flee to the homes of his beloved friends.



They can affectively build a very good relationship. The problem among them resides in who you take care of the solvency of the home. Both are ready
to maintain order and organization at home, but none will want to deal entirely with economic responsibility and obligations. It will depend on the way they manage this land.