Leave the mouse still and watch the Fairy Sugar Dance of Tchaikovsky.

Make a wish: perhaps she will grant it. The magical world is unpredictable...


Altars for the fairies.

The garden of fairies.

You can create a garden for the fairies. It is a wonderful idea. You can plant wild hyacinths

of plantation and roses in the garden as fairies love them. Fairies also love water. You can create a wonderful place in the middle of your garden. Dig a little hole and put water in it. And you can fill it with water while your garden drinks.

Fairies also like the wild garden. Leave the herb grow much in a small part of your garden, a little bit entangle, without weeding it . This will be the place for the little wild fairies.


You can set aside a table a corner or in the sideboard, etc. For the fairies altar.

On this altar you can place their offerings in a basket.

You can also have flowers and statues.

Land and water are also accepted. Do it in a home made way too.

A little oven with roses oil can also be very good.


When you ask a fairy for help, make sure you are in a holy circle of power or at least it has a protection charm and its strength works for you.

Do not ever leave a fairy within your energy circle, and although there is no narration as dangerous they could also be.

If a bad fairy comes send her to her way and ask for a another one.

Fairies do not like to simply stand outside your circle.

Singing and music are something very big and important to attract fairies.

Interest them.

If you sing and dance, they will want to come to you.

Thank the fairies when they granted what you have asked, but give them an offering too.

They prefer food and trinkets to simple "thanks".

A prayer to invoke the fairies.

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