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A situation has a resurrection.

It seemed to be an end, but it is not that way.

It is difficult, but it changes.

Changing attitudes.

A decision is made regarding the past and the future gets in focus knowing that a new stage begins.

Change of attitude that gives a feeling of liberation.

You integrate to the environment that surrounds you. This will be positive, favorable.

Different situations, revolutionized by changes.

Legal judgment will be favorable for those how seek for advice.

There will be good results in exams.

Fame, popularity, for those working with an audience.

In terms of work, promotions. Acknowledgments. Closeness with people with power, bosses.

Children, sons/daughters, siblings.

Health: vigor, strength and vitality.

Great accomplishment. Milestone.

Freedom is achieved The situation is in your own hands. And everything indicates that you will succeed on culminating projects.

Long distance travels.

The goals that you have raised are achieved. Its time to award the struggles you've had in the past and get rewards.

For artists, success, popularity.

Good experiences are coming.

In love everything that relates to the fraternal. If the family was apart, it's time for the union. Everything harmonizes soon.



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