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As miracle to a problem a glimmer of hope.

Here comes a season of great activity because you are energized.

You will start up things because you find yourself full of initiatives.

Everything is light, life force and expansion.

Your intelligence, which expands your horizons, will make you see the light on the problems and you will be able to solve them.

Good communication with others but there is a special problem that will brighten.

Loyalty, honesty, brotherhood.

Receptive towards others.

New friends appear. There is sincerity and frankness.

A more positive position, thanks to new points of view.

Altruism, helping others with great sincerity.

Good luck to all that have to do with money and material things. Job promotions.


Positive relationship with people in power, or political positions.

Responsibilities, and good working positions.

This card refers to children, grandchildren, and brothers or sisters.

Force that brings health and strength to fight against diseases.