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New beginning.

But beware, this card tells you that if you insist on a certain way, already as a fixed idea, there is a danger that things do not go well.

Do not insist, because there may be unexpected problems due to not hearing the warning of the arcane.

Something breaks down, it can be voluntary, or a stroke of Destiny. But it's for good.

A situation is literally demolished. To move to another better conditions.

It may feel like catastrophe, but is nothing more than a necessary ending, to a new and positive beginning.

While there are risks; there is a sense of freedom. Someone acts with despotism.

Has internalized certain destructiveness with him and with others.

Please note that under this influence (Mars) can cause the self-destruction of a situation without realizing it happen.

Difficult situation, which may seem cruel and hard.

And it is the same thing with a project that as far as you know has been brutally interrupted. But this is happening to take to something much better.

I say again, something that seems sad today it is worrying you.

Beware of traveling, and driving. Danger of accident, crash. Best postpone them for a few days.

If you battle you will win.

Concern for changes, but nonetheless, there is a sensation of pressure release. Health: there is currently no danger of disease. And if any, will be improved soon.