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The pure energy can be causing both good and evil.

Even though it is a time of great creativity, how to act it is confusing.

An uncontrolled force, is disorienting.

It is pushing the limits.

Blinding moment, for it’s difficulty.

If you just started a journey, it’s not convenient to move forward.

Great passion, uncontrollable.

There is a state of great confusion.

The situation is troubled, difficult, but can be rotated 180 ° turning into creativity. Pluto is governing this card.

Ambivalent situation.

Danger of debauchery, vices that can then bring no positive consequences.

There is a dual variable and person.

Everything seems to be confusion and error.

The power of sex is seen here as a force that destroys everything, like a whirlwind, a psychic tornado.

If you ask for two people, there is a strong physical attraction.

Chance of suffering witchcraft, unwanted possessions. You can control others by using material domains.

There are robberies that would go unpunished if we don’t concern with whom we treat.

Affective: someone who wants to conquer the other by black magic procedures, and the person that is performing this has no scruples. But come on! not to worry, because if you have faith in yourself, and your God, no one can harm you. If you believe that those things will come, you open yourself to that kind of harm.

The brutal force of uncontrollable jealousy may be the reason of a magic job, which must be faced without fear, trusting yourself, and losing sight of the evil people.

Drawbacks (in terms of health) in the sexual organs.