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This card speaks of the inevitable end of a cycle of life, completely. There is a change of attitude in people.

Full and abrupt cut with renewal of ideas. Something is going to intervene, and will disrupt everything.

The instability of transmutation.

There is a slow down but not an abrupt stop.

Distance of a person. The ideas get complicated, scattered, as do affection.

This can lead to aggression.

Something stops and marks the end of an affair.

In any situation or circumstance, a complete transformation occurs.

Time to start over and reconcile.

A society that is harmonious can be made.

Agreements are reached.

Positive exchanges. Fluency in the relations.

Renewal of situations that seemed stalled.

A deal occurs or is signed.

Emotional relationship, which has an agreement, a tie occurs. Reconciliation.

It is quite possible emigration.

A change of place.

However, this Tarot card tells you the beginning of a happy time of pleasure and fertility.

This is an excellent time to start a new relationship or an existing resume with new beginnings.

There may be opportunities to make new friends, and artistic and creative activities, as these moments are especially beneficial now. The card sometimes states an important gift.

In health, there may be a problem with the kidneys, menstrual disorders.