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As every cycle that is completed, this one cannot be renewed without a change of principles.

There’s a sacrifice that is voluntary.

The "normal" values will change ​​for others that probably are totally the opposite.

For this you must accept a rigorous discipline.
There is a tendency to mysticism.

Even for a bond bear, which is holding you (voluntarily or not) this tie, which prevents the proper freedom of movement.

There is a sacrifice for the sake of higher goals.

The situation that you ask about has circumstances that are not ripe.

Quitting Attitude.

Destiny is presenting a test.

But it is the beginning of the birth of new being.

It presents a great indecision, especially if you have to make an emotional choice.

It's time to learn what is duty.

Feeling of exhaustion.

There is a sensation of suffering, pain and sorrow.

Because you feel helpless at the moment, you can act.

And especially, to cut the tie.

The Sacrifice may even be useless.

Even though there are ties hard to break, it is unclear why the sacrifice, is as useful as expected.

This is no time to start projects. Because they run the risk of remaining dreams, and that alone, projects, ideas. Just wait a few days before taking any steps.

This Arcanum, suggests a difficult time with any problems or discomfort, but the problems are absolutely easy to overcome and you have the resources you need to win.