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So much tension that you find your self into, you or the person you ask about, there is vulnerability. And you get the feeling of having reached the limit of strength.

The tension gives the sensation of explotion.

Try by all means, stop your instincts.

A lion roars inside you, and you want it to silence.


If you wouldn’t do it, you would follow your impulses and you think that would cause problems.

But calm down, you will control a situation without resorting to force, but with the realm of the spirit.

You change a problematic situation into a profitable one.

Intelligence will direct those instincts that you fear inside you, and you will have strength and courage, to separate the true from the false things, useful from useless.

You have a great strength of mind.

You might have someone by your side very or quite dominant, but maybe its yourself, that’s struggling to control your "inner beast" in a situation.

You have a strong need to control yourself.
But by whatever the circumstance, you will master it.

You Have enough strength for it.

It indicates that the events are tending to move towards a successful outcome. In your hopes, this can be done.


You need to build on your strengths and be ready to maximize the opportunities that come your way.

The Business affairs prosper, but you must be sure that things are as letters, presented clearly before you, like on a table.