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This Arcanum warns you that a stage closes and another begins. The return of life, Destiny has been completed, and then marked as new beginnings.

The events rotate, change.

As in nature, everything passes and everything repeats it self.

We are at the time when we become aware of the illusory situations for which we suffer.

It's time when energy is evolving to something higher, and perhaps everything is unstable, that is when life makes us realize the need to move.

The transformations we are subjected by time.

But it all comes back to the order, balance, and regularity.

The trials are healthy, balanced.

Timing and development of a process of opening.

There may be a lucky hit with the surprise of a positive development in the affairs.

A new stage.

Nothing is stable, but all walks toward evolution.  good changes. And the best, good luck.

This is a time of increased prosperity and security is beginning.

You should take advantage of this positive period for laying the foundation for a secure and stable future.

Issues related to finance, property and the state are right now, and material gain is clearly possible.

A stroke of luck or a gift can come to you; this is a good time to risk a measured bet.

Health: refers to the circulation. Take precautions.