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Symbol of balance. Things get organized, are balanced.

Everything falls into place.

Like Karma the light governing the universe.

Destiny. Harvesting. A situation that requires making justice or balancing something.

It is necessary to examine the place given to each element in question.

You have before you a Triumph.

You are actively imposing yourself against  all obstacles and with energy  focused on  to victory.

Take charge of life with future decision.

This good awareness and disposition grants you a victory.

Energetic results, as is your strong attitude.

But beware, in this tsunami of events, there may be money movements, many rewards, but also many expenses.

You receive news from someone.

Justice, equity. Stability. Maturity.

Balanced relationships.

Legal matters are resolved favorably.

In a legal marriage: Possibility of cutting affective bonds.

Separation. Divorce. The legality.

Treaty’s, agreements formalities.
Lawsuits. Trials. (With great potential to be resolved in favor of whom view)

This is a time when you need to act quickly, but also with strength and pride.

You must be sure that your actions are fair, justified and generous.
Beware any tendency toward belligerent or intolerant acts.
Decide what you need to do, and then do it.

Health: is rebalanced.