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Tensions and ambivalences. .

But it's time to progress and evolution. Indicates a time or circumstance of opposition, tension.

But one thing, the opposition must be settled for the evolution and development to occur.

This card even symbolizes attraction to another person.

And it appears that is mutual.

You must choose one of two paths. Each one excludes the other.

Then this election will resembles a test of Destiny

Because either paths result seductive (or to the person making the requests), but they cannot continue at the same point.

There is no other alternative than to choose either of the two.  This tension of the person involves, is nothing more than what is generating progress.

Oedipus complex.

The choice between the past, securities that gives the walls already built, as the family authority, faces the adventure, which is unknown, as is always the future.

There is an affinity. Attraction.  And in that affinity and attraction there is love. A time to make choices that also brings inner conflicts.

This Card represents the couple, a good friendship. There is affection.

Affection, love.

But not so idyllic for the case of a marriage, where there may be infidelity, or a third party that is in the mind of the partner of the person making the inquiry