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A secret is revealed. The truth will be revealed.
It is a situation where you must appeal to your own reflection, thinking, and consideration of it.

Disclosure of what to do, will come through reflection and reason.

Father, husband, an older man, of the person inquiring, is part of the problem or situation you are consulting.

Dreams and desires from the past are fulfilled as a late vocation.

The moment has arrived.

What you have thought off or planned is about to be fulfilled or has already been fulfilled.

Everything will turn into solid situations.

Everything gets organized: job, health, emotional relationships etc.

Protective man, rival and loved as well.

Protective person that gives moral and material support.


Good health.

This card represents a father, boss or a single man.

Contracts are signed.

Societies are formed, or get together, or bind. All that is solid, deep, secret.

Wisdom, prudence, perseverance, concentration, method, asceticism, isolation, silence.

Secrets that can only be revealed to those who are truly worthy of hidden protection, awaiting period of full of changes, slow and steady development, paranormal phenomena, solid relationships, deep research studies, frugality, restructuring of properties, rapid healing thanks to alternatives medicines, longevity.

An elderly and trustworthy person.