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Feelings in a situation are certain.

These are hidden for now, until they are confirmed.

Difficulties get resolved.

If the situation is shady, there is hope.

Must have much discretion

Beware of people with ulterior motives and hidden purposes.

Especially if it is woman.

Health issues are good.

Secrets come to light.

Evil is defeated.

This card represents a married woman.

It may be the person making the inquiry, or if male, on behalf of the mother or wife.

Spiritual conquest, peace, harmony, wisdom, inspiration, good advice, good influence on others.


This is the card of fertility, patience, loyalty and silence.

A fruitful awaited situation with successful conclusion.


A peaceful and constructive relationship, maternal love, every effort for studying, psychophysical balance.

A mature woman, a wise counselor, a mother, an aunt, a sister and a professional partner