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Something new is about to start and begin.
The initiative of the will, allows something to start, and is a good thing.

Situations settle on.  Intermediaries are favorable, collaborate and help.

A phone call, an e-mail, etc. may clear doubts. 

Receive news.

Situations improve in the employment. Improve.

Good card for business activity.

You have to make a pretty committed choice; so it is time to make a decision.

You have chosen a path, and you must follow it ... Nevertheless, this choice requires a calm, moderate and reasoned decision.

If there are illnesses caused by nerves, you have the power to override them.

Short trip.

Everything begins to bear fruit.

Time for overcoming conflicts.

There is fertility in everything your do.

Enlightenment. Situations in growth. May represent a pregnancy.

Solid and fertile foundations are laid.

Problems are solved.
Moment where everything is fertile.

Things begin to bear fruit.
Fruitful moment where you can prepare for future situations.

Growth in the spiritual and material level.

Solid foundations are yield, also fruitful; with probabilities of success.

Fortune is favorable.

This card represents a single woman, maybe alone, independent.

 You overcome conflicts.

You solve problems and fortune will be favorable for what you ask.