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Don't refuse to happiness.

You're denying yourself, because you don't feel worthy of being happy.

Perhaps, what you are doing is unconscious and you are boycotting yourself if something fails; or for whom you are asking for.

If the question is for another person, the fault is in them and harms you.

The answer I give I speak to you, but this arcane, refers to a denial to see the good things that one deserves.

Situations are several.

If you are asking for a family member, friend, partner; it’s this person who has blocking attitude. There is, or you feel lack of recognition for your qualities.

Which is the key to this problem? Remember the situations that led you to feel this way.

Perhaps someone in your childhood did not value you, and lacked confidence in you.

Consider that such a person, certainly, might have done this to encourage you to improve.

Not realizing that this might have damaged you for a long time.

Now, recognizing this situation, you can turn it around completely.

This Tarot card tells you: You have nothing to fear. Everything will go well.



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