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Time of companionship and friendship.
There is incoming money, perhaps extras.

Situations improve, in particular the economic ones, and those that have to do with the communicating with the others.
Some situations are expected to improve, in particular the one you have asked.
Birth of children, in your environment.

Positive news.
Dialog clarifies things.
Children are in good spirits.

Love life no storms in sight.
Perfect understanding and harmony along with materialistic welfare.

This card promises that the wishes of the person will be met in the sentimental field.

The door to prosperity is open.

There is no reason for material concerns; as the financial situation is moving upwards.

Professional activity is evolving towards success.

The Ace of Gold favors important business and societies. For employees it predicts a good time, with excellent work environment and possible promotions.

Minor ailments and health problems disappear miraculously.

This arcane personifies the success and triumph; it promises stability and, above all, neutralizes negative influences, misunderstandings and hidden ploys. Its positive qualities are enhanced when; the Sun and the World are next to the wheel of fortune.