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A love is on the rise. There is no danger of a wrong decision. Following the correct path. Without fear.

For a woman, observe problems in the female organs, because there is a temporary disorder.

In a job, you are be doing the right thing, without noticing it as something normal, many of your teammates and supervisors feel very good with your performance.

If you sense double sided or false people near you; move away without a problem.

Be careful for lies and deceits Unhealthy jealousy may lead you to think that your intuitions, desires or ideas are false.

Too much gossip; these people make comments which are harmful to others.

In this case, to you.

This will make you to picture yourself in a confusing situation. Causing insecurity.

Many projects, from your own dreams, are aimed.

But these people may lead you to think your are “delirious”.
They create cloudy situations, difficult to explain. Therefore, stay away from those shady people .

Your goal today is to pay attention to those who are not honest with you; and you must go in the opposite direction.

You have the truth, not them.

You should stop paying attention to the things that are said, stay away from the people whom you don't trust.


If this people are within your work, always carry a red cloth bag, with a small head of garlic, or three teeth of the same.

With a Radionic graphic, you can also make a simple protection.

Make a photocopy of the Decagon drawing, in the center, put the number 29 (which is the atomic number of Venus) and to the side, write the word PROTECTION.