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There are too many discussions in a house.

A couple discusses in a violent manner.
This house is lacks harmony.

A thorough cleaning with incense is needed.

Burn much laurel and garlic.  Go through all of the rooms in the house repeating “Where Jesus entered the bad energy left”.

It seems as if a certain situation appears as a catastrophe, actually, spiritual values are retrieved.
A certain situation collapses to move to another much better.

Mars is currently acting.

It is the planet that must be eased.
For this, you must avoid exiting it with loud or violent music.

You will have to continue keeping the house in harmony, “clean” of bad energies.

Most of the times, bad energies don’t come from other people, but from ourselves.

And this is how our aura then darkens, and the same happens with the place where we inhabit.On the contrary, you must soothe it with positive, poetic and harmonic music.

The atmosphere will be balanced and sweetened.
Otherwise, you will incite this war planet to violence.

If you comply with these instructions, these discussions or discomforts will ease and calm down.