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There are many contradictions in a situation. Nearby people are evil and very envious. They make black magic jobs .

Must move away from a place; the people there are very negative.

On love affairs; this Arcanum can indicate an uncontrolled passion.

Great physical attraction may bring internal contradictions.

But also, it does not obey reason in any respect.

Perhaps you may feel a call to sanity, but there is an irresistible impulse to insist in that passion. Precisely, this passion is what is keeping you from attending to other matters.

Is this good? Not at all ...

But if you are asking for the feelings of another person towards you, those feelings, are of uncontrolled passion, ignoring all logic.
No matter if taking a risk on a steady situation.-

Senses, are dominating.

If the inquiry regards an already established couple, it indicates the existence of great fights between the two, with great reconciliations; but of limited duration.
Better said; in a working environment, familiar, there is much negative and powerful energy.

It is therefore good, in order to harmonize it, to make an energy cleaning of the home.

Stay away from people that are harmful to you.
On the other hand, don’t disregard the advice of people who are not entirely beneficial.