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The doubts and misunderstandings are clarified. Everything that is confusing will become clear. No communication in a relationship, especially if the lack of communication is general.

There will be reconciliation, but it will take some more time.

There is no news from a person that is expected.

A society is broken, is broken

Perhaps the reason is lack of dialogue, it would be good resume it.

Various discrepancies are not resolved if there is no attempt to improve yourself.

There is something that sometimes we ignore in our relationships, and its communication with each other.

May be the other that is closed to any kind of communication.

That's not good. Within our doubts it may be some kind of reproach.

And by not speaking they will get bigger in time.

Then, two things can happen: that the relationship becomes cold, or when the day comes for a conversation where everyone tell their position without listening to the others opinion.

Given that the task of the cards is to lead us, the best you can do is push yourself to  dialogue, or gently, subtly persuading the same to the other person.

This refers especially to companies or marriages, couples.

But there may be other issues, such as friendship, relationship with children, etc