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Something is broken, perhaps forever.

But this indicates that at the same time, another road opens where many things that seemed dead and lifeless are reborn.

In marriage, or couples may indicate a breakup with revival of feelings that seemed asleep.

In employment, a total renovation or end of it.

This transit is necessary for life to evolve.

New expectations, new projects. Precisely because the ending I was talking about earlier.

Actually everything we leave behind is not valuable, it does not serve us.

Things that make us unhappy, or make us feel that our lives are not complete.

We leave the Arcane The Hangman, where we have been tied up, scarified (perhaps by more spiritual things, higher motives, etc.) to break the ties that were holding our own self.

In this process is quite likely that you will lose a bit of spiritual sensitivity.

But this situation is temporary, since it requires a certain coldness, to cope with changes.
Situations where you will have to decide forced by higher powers.

The movement of events is unstoppable.

There is a benevolent renewal. A new era begins with new projects, a radical transformation, with unexpected developments.

What living will be a useful lesson.

In some situation you will feel it as a defeat. Not so, it's for your own good.

Melancholy that disappears quickly, because of something consolidated.

A benevolent objective of a relationship, accompanied by progress.


Maybe why not? a new love. You may go through temporary loneliness. A project will ultimately be driven to completion.

There may be a change of residence or employment. If you have to collect an inheritance everything will be fine