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A path can be interrupted. If a situation ends is to move on into a better one. With a couple, friendship, etc.

There is little dialog.

A situation where there is duality. Precisely by not expressing your feelings. 

It is better to take things in own hands and lead it in a better way ¿how? With dialogue, avoid retaining encapsulated thoughts.

Others cannot always guess what is happening to you.

Now; it is necessary to dialogue, dialogue, dialogue.
It is not important, in a discussion that your ideas collide in a spiritual sense.

To communicate is important. Be safe if driving a vehicle. Beware of speeding.
There will be a trip, but with delays.
News that you are waiting will arrive.

You feel lonely. There is a situation that you think has no light at this time.
You will discover a secret from the ancient past.
And this will lighten you way.

It is not advisable that you take an attitude of confinement, introversion.

You wish to isolate yourself.

A need for isolation is not positive.

If you have this attitude, obstacles may raise.

Do not rush into anything, because you don't have, at this time, the necessary spiritual serenity.

You should take things calmly. If conflicts arise; you must take time and be patient.

Be peaceful, do not linger alone with your thoughts; and you will see that everything will move in the right direction.