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The indecision is paralyzing. A new path is opening, but the choice to take it is difficult.

The cause may be due to an Oedipus complex unresolved.
You may want to let go of a situation but no fear.

You may want to let go a situation but its scares you. Changes are scary because they give a sensation of adventure.

This new path is seductive.

Maybe it makes you hope and dream again, ... But the feeling of being safe, like in the maternal womb, like you find yourself today, makes you afraid of facing unknown situations. (Or for the person for whom you are asking about).

Somebody has doubts about you or you towards he or she.

In matters of love, you can be on the verge of a separation.

In marriage, or established couples, divorce hazard. This step is one that you would take, then fear of facing that step.

Do you feel that your love is not reciprocated?

Have thought that maybe it was you who made this idea? But it is not that way; there is an attraction, despite the problems.

A mood is broken.

This situation is something that you do not like, and you can put an end to it.

This Tarot card is warning of the risk (or not, depending on the situation) of loss or emotional breakdown.

Those relationships that have been maintained by habit, or for fear of being left alone or for any other reason that would create a stop in our development, are reaching the end.


Better not keep supporting them; life will free us from them.

It our own choice, it will not be imposed to you.

You will need some time to think, and at the end you will find out what is best for you.

Life is going to tempt you, it will test your loyalty and commitment, as well as your values ​​and your emotional stability.

You are going to have to rethink your life and your beliefs.

Discover what it means to love and be loved, focus on the relationship you want, not just settle with the relationship you have simply because you have it.