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There is a situation that led, in which the domain and command is lost. This card tells of a man or single man, which is not well emotionally. Difficult character of a boss, or person in charge.

It is a difficult person. You can have control in a situation, even with that person, and this is the moment when you can use it. You must put strength on the issue, although mistakenly you feel that things will not be realized.
Just be careful if you have to sign a contract or letter of any kind, postpone a while if you can, because things are not favorable for these matters at this time.
If you do, these agreements would not last very long. Just wait a while. And again ask the cards

This card indicates a phase of strength, you have experienced what is needed and now is time to mature.

You do not need to keep trying and starting new things, on the contrary, we need to consolidate what we have achieved and stabilize ourselves.

It does not matter that we have not managed to reach the goals we originally set for ourselves, we have learned enough and there is no need to continue experimenting in this field. We have to move forward, a step up, and the way of doing this is solving the issue at hand.

Your ability to reason and your stability may be useful to the people around you, that does not mean you have to take on their responsibilities, but simply to give them a hand by widening their perspectives to solve their problems.

There is no need to intrude in their lives, not even to help them to avoid mistakes, this is how they learn. If they come to you, offer your understanding and advice, the rest is in their hands.

Any legal issue that you may have, papers to sign or negotiations to finishing, you must work on it to complete them once and for all.

You irradiate power and security; there will be people who will follow you as a leader

It is a test of power, one of the most difficult in which personal evolution is concerned.

It's easy to fall into it and use that power to your advantage, believe that you are above others and no one can teach you anything, that only you know the best way to do things


And basically it's true; you have that knowledge and you provide for yourself.

But you must not forget that we are here to move forward, when one gets to know a certain stage, you must move to the next one and in this new stage we are beginners and you will need everyone around. Now you have everything to learn.

It is only up to you to get stuck and limited in a stage you already know or keep on moving forward towards your personal growth.