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There is total confusion in the objectives. There are many possibilities, but not used. Attitudes take an anarchic way.

There is a general mistake.

There is a search and need for new road, it is not clear.

No need to rush things, danger of making a mistake. Irresponsibility.

There is much anxiety. And, promptly irritation.
Even though your need to get going is strong, your goals are not clear.

An emotional instability may cause the loss of something you desire.

An artistic temperament, poet.

No need to take a complete break with your life and leave everything, there is always a way to combine things, you just have to adapt to your needs.

You blame yourself a lot.


A trip, or moving ahead. (Or both)

A situation that must be solved.

You may even think that if your life had been different, now you would be living like them.

It’s never too late to change and be more authentic.

Clear your mind from thoughts like "I'm too old to start over," "I have my life organized and I cannot afford to throw away all my efforts", "only the young and immature people would want that lifestyle".

Statements like these would only downplay any lifestyle different from yours. This line of thought will prevent you from moving on.

Clear your mind and keep in touch with reality. Use your dreams to help you connect with what you desire and I assure you, you will make it.