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In this section we have chosen those which are more usual to the life necessities or to the achievements of our desires.


For this spell a Santa Elena Medal is needed. It should be placed on a green silk cloth in which it must be skull in three small golden planes, which will be useful for the ceremony.

An object, portrait or shape is also needed, dedicated to the person you want to join, in which one of the nails should be stuck in as shown below:

Santa Elena invocation.

"Oh! Glorious Santa Elena, mother of the great Constantino, Roman Emperor. You being daughter of the king and the queen to the Olive Mount you went, for your deep love towards Divine Jesus. I require your powerful intercession in order to obtain what I desire. From these three nails of Jesus Christ, our Lord, imitation of those you made, I give one to your son, the great Constantino, in the same way it stays in your holy image. I throw to the water another one as you threw it to the sea in order to save the navigators, and the other one I nail it on this object dedicated to...... so that it will nail in his heart so that he / she cannot eat, nor in bed sleep, nor on it sit down, nor with another woman (or man) talk, he / she will not have a resting moment until through your intervention he/she will surrender himself to my feet. If my desire is granted through you, I will be your devote and sincere lover all my life, until the end of times.

Amen "

Another spell to the same object










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