Every Archangel has a series of special characteristics represented by the service area they offer to humanity.

By knowing which is the Archangel that rules your date of birth it will be easier for you to identify with him and invoking the help of those protectors depending on the necessity that led you to ask for help.

It is better to do it the day destined to each Archangel because this way their energy is more harmonized.
In order to know which is you Archangel the first thing you should know is:
Which is his date of birth?

If you do not know, press here and determine which is his date of birth following the instructions. Once you know which day you were born you will be able to identify your Archangel. If you were born on


SUNDAY it is Archangel Michael

If you were born on MONDAY it is Archangel Gabriel
If you were born on TUESDAY it is Archangel Chamuel
If you were born on WEDNESDAY it is Archangel Raphael
If you were born on THURSDAY it is Archangel Zadkiel
If you were born on FRIDAY it is Archangel Anael
If you were born on SATURDAY it is Archangel Cassiel

Click to see your which day you were born.



Archangel Michael: He is the Archangel who represents justice. He pays attention to our supplications when we look for justice in a particular situation. Archangel Michael is connected to creativity. And many people ask for his help when they are in legal troubles.
He is the Archangel of the Lord of the Sun and the sign Leo.


Archangel Gabriel: He is the Archangel of the changes and modifications and we invoke him when we want to make favorable changes in our lives, for instance, for studying something new, moving to another house, if we want to change our marital status, marriage, if we long for a new relationship. The archangel Gabriel offers a lot of love to all existence. It is said it is the patron saint of clairvoyant and fortune tellers.

He is the Archangel Lord of the Moon and the sign Cancer.


Archangel Chamuel: He helps us to obtain courage and is a great protector from dangers related to fire. He helps us protect from murderers and assaults.

He is the Archangel Lord of Mars and signs Aries and Scorpio.


Archangel Raphael: He protects our health, goes to help ill people who invoke him, especially with chronic illnesses, pains.

He is the patron saint of writers. He helps us to obtain energy and health in general.

He is the Archangel Lord of Mercury and signs Gemini and Virgo.


Archangel Zadkiel: when you have exams, a competition, you have to demonstrate what you are in a job, or a test for a job position, do sports, and you have to attend in a competition, as the Archangel Zadkiel.

If you desire the return of your lover, on a Thursday, light a blue little candle asking for the return of that person, if that is good for you.

He is the Archangel Lord of Jupiter and signs Sagittarius and Pisces.

Archangel Anael: He is the great protector of lovers, love, and gives us skill being the protector of all artist such as musician, painter, actor, etc.

Whenever you want to protect your couple, your marriage, light a pink or light blue candle on a Friday.

He is the Archangel Lord of Venus and signs Taurus and Libra.


Archangel Cassiel: He helps us to attenuate the effects of our Karma.

He is the Archangel Lord of Saturn and signs Capricorn and Aquarius.


1 Choose a place where you feel calm.

Put an adequate music, high, and concentrate on it, letting yourself go.


2 Concentrate on calling your Guardian Angel, so ask him to present himself by any person who comes to help in a problem.

You should know that in many opportunities there are people who show up in our lives in a certain moment and they are sent by the angels to help us in that problem we cannot solve.


3 Ask your angel help to communicate with him in dreams. Write what you have dreamt and take it into account.


4 Wait for his manifestation. In any way he will be present.

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